Judge Extends Gag Order for Trump in Criminal Trial, Warns Against Family Attacks

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Judge Extends Gag Order for Trump in Criminal Trial, Warns Against Family Attacks


A judge who remained silent in Donald Trump’s April 15 criminal trial ruled that his family will end the former president’s tussle on Monday, extending the order several days after Trump attacked his daughter and made false accusations about her on social media networks.Manhattan. Judge Juan M. Merchan granted Trump a week-long ban on making public statements about witnesses, jurors and other matters related to the case after the presumptive Republican nominee railed against Democratic political consultant Loren Merchan in several posts on his Vero Social platform.

Trump may criticize Mercha and another key figure in the case, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the elected Democrat who is leading the prosecution of the quiet money. But under the amended gag order, the family of the D.A. is now excluded from his rhetoric. “This pattern of attacking senior counsel and the family members of the attorneys assigned to his cases serves no legal purpose,” Merchan wrote. “It only feeds the fear of those who have been sued or sued that not only they, but also their family members, are fair game for vitriol from the defendant.”The violation could result in Trump being jailed. Contempt of court, fines or even jail time.

Trump’s lawyer, Susan Necheles, declined to comment. A spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office also declined to comment.Trump’s hard money case, one of four criminal charges against him, centers on allegations that he filed payments to his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, as legal fees when they were used. to hide negative stories about Trump during the 2016 campaign. . That included $130,000 Cohen paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels on Trump’s behalf to keep her allegations of a sexual relationship with him years before from the public.

Trump pleaded guilty last April to 34 counts of falsifying corporate records. up to four years in prison, although there is no guarantee that a conviction will result in imprisonment. She denies having sex with Daniels, and her lawyers said the payments to Cohen were legitimate legal expenses, not part of a cover-up. Trump caused a firestorm last Wednesday β€” a day after issuing the initial executive order β€” when he hinted at the truth. Social, without evidence that Merchan’s decisions were influenced by the interests of his daughter’s political consultants, and falsely claimed that she posted a photo of him behind bars on social networks.

Trump complained that the judge “tried very hard to remove from me the First Amendment right to speak to a Democratic challenger against arming law enforcement and that Loren Merchan is “raising money to get Trump.” Trump’s messages put Merchan in an unusual position as a judge and a father. Just two weeks before jury selection. In the historic first criminal trial of a former president, Trump’s lawyers and prosecutors argued over several pleas that exceeded the limits of the original criminal order, and whether Trump exceeded them.”It’s no longer just a possibility or a possibility. reasonable probability that the integrity of the experiment is at risk,” Merchan concluded Monday. “The risk is very real.

The warnings are not enough and neither are they dependent on self-control.”Dealer responded after prosecutors asked him Friday to “clarify or confirm” the scope of the warrant and order Trump to “immediately” stop targeting family members.”nAssistant U.S. Attorney Joshua Steinglass asked Merchan to make it “absolutely clear” to Trump that the restraining order protects the judge’s family, Bragg’s family and the families of everyone else it covers. He urged Merchan to warn Trump “that his recent behavior is contagious and to tell him to stop immediately.”Trump’s lawyers have fought the drug order and its expansion, citing constitutional concerns about further limiting Trump’s speech as he elects and is campaigning for president.. crime.

On Monday, they said they will soon again ask Merchan to recuse himself from the case — vowing to seek his dismissal in the coming days “based on changed circumstances and newly discovered evidence.”Merchan refused defense requests to drop the case last year when they first raised questions about his daughter’s consulting work and questioned a $35 donation she made to Democratic causes during the 2020 campaign, including $15 to Biden, Merchan said . a state court ethics committee later found that Loren Merchan’s work did not affect his impartiality.

He ruled last September that he is confident in his “ability to be fair and impartial” and that Trump’s lawyers “have not shown that there are specific or even realistic reasons for the denial.Trump’s initial order, which was last published on Tuesday, denied him making or directing other people to make public statements on his behalf about jurors or potential witnesses in the hush money trial, such as his lawyer nemesis Michael Cohen and porn star Stormy Daniels.\ nThe ruling echoes the sentiment from Trump.

In Washington, a criminal harassment case also prohibits statements designed to harass or bully court employees, the prosecution team, or their families. Those bans remain in place, as does the recent ban on commenting on the Merchan and Bragg families.Punishing the gag order, Merchan warned Trump that he would lose his right to see the names of jurors β€” which are otherwise not reported. . public β€” if he took actions that threatened their safety or integrity.”Again, all citizens summoned to participate in this proceeding, whether as jurors, witnesses, or otherwise, must now be concerned not only with their personal safety, but also the opportunity to attack your loved ones,” Merchan wrote. “This reality cannot be exaggerated.”.

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